Women in Horror Month 2019


Just released! The Sirens Call e-zine in honour of Women in Horror Month. It is packed with stories, poetry, flash, drabbles and art. It is FREE.

My story ‘Dad’s Ghost’ is in there, so please do have a good old look. Thank You.


IMG_20190227_145530 (1)





Sometimes you have to get outside to do some writing. Even if it’s just for twenty minutes, a change of scene does you good. I’ve been writing a lot at my allotment. It’s quiet, not too cold yet, although I do sit in the greenhouse with the heater on occasionally and sometimes inspirational.

I wanted to write an autumnal, Halloween inspired story. What could be more autumnal than apples, with all their ducking and bobbing? There is an orchard on the allotment, in the centre of which we devised a secret seating area. You won’t be seen or disturbed. It was the best place to write my gruesome little story called, ‘Windfalls’.¬† You can download it along with many other stories and great artwork in the Sirens Call ezine, ‘Halloween Screams and Other Dark Things’ below. Enjoy!






I’m very happy to have had another piece chosen by Sirens Call Publications¬†for their ezine. My short story, ‘Nettle Milk’ is in the latest Eco-Horror inspired issue.

I started writing it after I heard some bland, blah of a TV ‘comedian’ on a panel show, saying that the most dangerous natural thing in the U.K. is the stinging nettle. So I thought, well what if there was masses of them, and they were very protective of where they grew and did not like to be disturbed…

The ezine is choc full of great stuff, download it for FREE here,


There are other issues you can download if you feel like a horror binge. My last piece for Sirens Call Publications is in the ‘Women in Horror Month’ edition called ‘Do Not Play’.