Victoria Wood


Apart from writing about the supernatural or old buildings about to be pulled down, I thought I would reignite this blog with some comedy. I am highly recommending that you attend the Victoria Wood exhibition at Bury Art Museum and Sculpture Centre.


*apologies for the slight blur

You will be met by a huge yellow banner hanging outside the building. It has a famous quote on it from ‘Victoria Wood, As Seen on TV’

‘We would like to apologise to viewers in the North … it must be awful for them.’

If you’ve never seen the show then you will be scratching your head, if you have then you will give a laugh or maybe a smile. It’s a cracking quote and whoever thought to cover the museum with this is a genius.

The exhibition contains costumes from her shows, scripts , awards … loads of them and photos. Some of them were poignant especially ones from her work with Julie Walters and her time on New Faces, (there are nostalgic pics of a very young Lenny Henry and a glamorous Marti Cane). There is lots of theatre paraphernalia,certificates, degrees and even her C.B.E. is there.


Theatre programme.

Along one side of the room, there are seats set out, and on the wall one of her live shows is playing. When she began to sing ‘The Ballad of Freda and Barry’, the whole roomful of people gravitated toward it. I had a genuine lump in the throat that someone who could generate so much laughter and joy had passed too early.

I considered having my photo taken in the yellow beret and orange coat (they’re stacked by the wall at the bottom of the stairs) but I didn’t think the hat would fit my giant head. I loved this exhibition.Details below. Please attend. It’s free, but buy something in the lovely gift shop and see the other shows. Ta.