Our Days Out ! (pt. 1)


Still in holiday mode and before Jim returned to work, we had ‘days out’. Not really packed lunches and flasks of tea, but flying visits to places we always meant to go to.

First visit was to Wales, lovely Rhos-On-Sea, an absolutely gorgeous little town that a lot of people bypass on their way to the bigger Llandudno, although it seems its popularity has grown, a few of the shops have been taken over by those that sell dangling wooden hearts and dream catchers, but never mind, the harbour is still untouched by the Breton Top wearing brigade.



We drove up to the summit of the Great Orme, which is ‘a prominent limestone headland, next to the town of Llandudno’. It’s bloody massive! It juts out into the Irish sea and attracts various birds, seals etc. People live on it, work on it and there’s a graveyard, which being a Goth at heart gladdened me. I had to have a look.


View from 'the Orme'

View from ‘the Orme’

Wales is beautiful, and holds so many childhood memories for me, camping and staying in the caravan parks ( The Robin Hood caravan park is still just getting over the last family visit in the 70’s! )

We passed through a couple of places that the recession had not been kind to. A place of fun and frolics no more, Rhyl seems to be a dying town. The familiar ‘SunCentre’ which attracted thousands, was closed down. Shops were boarded up, the fairground shifted, it was depressing. A few hardy visitors were searching for something to do other than hang around the remaining arcades. Come on Rhyl town council or whoever signs the cheques for the place, do something!!! It felt like the joy that was once there had been sent down the coast to play, the town felt defeated. Rant over, Back to staring at this photo of Rhos-On-Sea.




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