We returned from holiday this past week. To Malta. I love Malta, not what they do to songbirds but and 44,000 Maltese people who want the hunting banned will, I’m sure, make a change.

I write ‘holiday’, the hotel we stayed in ( very rarely stay in hotels ) was a bit shabby for the cash and you were woken up too early for housekeeping … oh and they asked you to keep your room door open while you went out. Yes really. Breakfast was the usual bunfight between the Brits, the Germans and the Italians. We chose to absolve ourselves from it after two days.

But, I still love Malta. We hired a car and got away from the crowds and here is where I become the holiday bore with the photos, you will be glad there is no video/dvd/youtube stuff!



I’ve been to Malta a few times,but never to Marsaxlokk (not easy to say after a couple of glasses of red ). It’s a picturesque little village with a cracking market on Sunday. Fresh seafood served in all the restaurants everyday. And some lovely doors. I have a thing for doors.

Marsaxlokk and it's doors.

Marsaxlokk and it’s doors.

We also visited Mdina, also called ‘the silent city’ because there are no cars allowed in the ancient walled town. This, however, is a blatant lie, last time I was there I had to dive into a doorway to avoid a reversing skip wagon! It is a lovely place despite the hazards, with fantastic views over the islands and an eerie atmosphere. No wonder they filmed ‘Game of Thrones’ there.

300 people live in this walled 'city'. Mdina.

300 people live in this walled ‘city’. Mdina.

I shall finish, with some pics from my favourite place, the capital, Valletta. An overspilling rabbit warren of streets, beautiful sand coloured architecture, shops and cafes, dominated by a main square and the impressive dome of the Carmelite Church. You can enjoy the city without being hassled or fearful. The crime rate is very low on the island. Stop to appreciate the hidden spaces as well as the tourist hotspots. Valletta has been picked to be a European Capital of Culture in 2018. I look forward to seeing what it offers.

Public conveniences and Cabaret!

Public conveniences and Cabaret!

The corner shop.

The corner shop.

I bought these for a friend ...

I bought these for a friend …


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