Leonora Carrington at Tate Liverpool


I was very excited when I found out this exhibition was taking place. ‘The Hearing Trumpet’ is a favourite book of mine, and seeing Carrington’s art was something I had looked forward to for a long time. I was not disappointed.

The first painting you see is ‘El Mundo Magico de las Maya (1964).  A huge surrealist display facing the doors, a face slap that encourages you to sit on the bench in front of it and stare. There is the famous ‘The Giantess (The Guardian of the Egg)1947’ that attracts a lot of attention and rightly so, there is so much to examine and take in. A particular favourite (among many!) was a small felt doll, decorated in a Mexican style but  which then surprised us with a small mirror sewn into the back of its head making it appear that you could see through it.

The theatrical masks she designed for ‘The Tempest’ are grotesque yet beautiful. I would have loved to have seen them on stage.

There are drawings, intricate and detailed. I loved that they looked like they had just been ripped from her sketchbook, and the baby’s cot she decorated is beautiful.

No doubt I will return!

The exhibition is on until the end of May.



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