The Old Vicarage


I made myself go for a long walk today, shake off some of the Winter fat stored around my backside and clear the lungs with some icy air.  I had wanted to take some photographs of a house I had seen only a few days before Christmas. I had driven past it and could not shake it from my memory. It is, or was, a Vicarage which stood facing my old school. It had been left empty for a while, and like all abandoned buildings, the vandals had had their fun. I wanted to see it before it was sold or knocked down. Sorry to say my pics don’t do it justice. I remembered it many years ago, squeezed between a Crown Green Bowling club and another large house that, I think, was called ‘Broomhills’ ( sadly demolished to make way for shoe box sized apartments).

Roof tops of The Old Vicarage.

Roof tops of The Old Vicarage.


The grass covered driveway.


Rear of the house. Apologies for the obstructed view, I was dangling over a fence! Why the Porthole window?


You can still just see ‘Vicarage’ in gold lettering on the gatepost.

It’s just another old house, another ruin, there are a lot of them where I live. No one has the money or mortgages to see to them, unfortunately. I can always dream of a lottery win…


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