Telly Rant


I had a rant last night, shouting at the telly, the cat and my partner who usually just agrees with me when I go on and on about a particular subject. We had just begun to watch ‘Stalkers’ and I lasted about ten minutes before I actually thought my brain would explode.


I can hear you saying, ‘The programme was called ‘Stalkers‘ what do you expect to see? Turn the channel over, press stop, avert your eyes.’ Usually I agree, but prior to this I had watched three different programmes, we save them them up to watch in one go (thank you sky+) and in every one we saw women being attacked verbally and physically. All of these shows are written by men, and I won’t name them, I don’t feel like being trolled this week.

One of these programmes has a HUGE following, yet every woman in it seems to have become unhinged or the subject of a rape fantasy. Another had fantastic female characters, and some bloody good male ones, yet every woman has been judged about her sexual behaviour and just took it, no ‘F*** You’ or even a ‘Mind your own business’! It annoyed me but I persevered and carried on watching.

Then ‘Stalkers’ came along and boom! A lone female was doused with petrol etc etc, you can guess the rest, BUT her stalker was a maniac in a mask and hoody with the ‘Jason’ head tilt. Utter sensationalist shit! It was horror, not something to be marketed along with crime programmes AND the main protagonist, a detective I think (by now I was almost blind with rage!) almost had her bosoms out of her blouse, it was opened so low. ‘Thats her choice’ I hear you cry. Sorry, that’s an actor being told to be ‘sexy’, something I’m sure a lot of policewomen think about as they deal with disturbing cases each shift.

My main gripe is that it’s just too easy. “Insert horrible ‘rape/slaughter’ here”.The woman being set alight wasn’t the usual prostitute,secretary or mother, she was just someone driving home yet, she still suffered! It was sensationalism, bad writing passing for realism, titillation for a certain  type of viewer. I wonder if the writer has actually spoken to anyone who has been stalked? It would be interesting to know.

Anyway, I’ll try watching these programmes again next week in the hope they get better, not ‘Stalkers’ though I’m afraid.


3 thoughts on “Telly Rant

  1. Something get ‘ratings’ by an audience of the uninformed. The show becomes a formula for ‘success’ and spawns replicas which, in turn, draws more of the same type viewers. It’s sad in that it perpetuates a culture of followers and desensitizes viewers.

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