Have I seen this before?


I went to the cinema a few days ago to see ‘Gone Girl’. It was enjoyable, bit long and watching Ben Afflecks muscle mass getting bigger throughout, was a bit off putting. I always like to see the previews and when my eardrums had recovered from the usual adverts for war pics and bloated sci- fi productions, a preview for a film about an ouija board came on. I watched hoping it was something a bit different from the tired slashery trope, in fact I had to ask my fella, ‘Is this a remake of something we’ve seen?’

Says it all I suppose.

We went into town to have a nosy in our local ‘That’s Entertainment’, home of the cheapo CD’s and dvd’s, and was met with wall to wall horror flicks on display for the Halloween sale. They all seemed to have the same covers-bloodied female,horrific clownface, cabin surrounded by woods- it was only when I saw them together that I realised just how much modern horror cinema is becoming generic. Anyway, I ended up buying a favourite, ‘Daybreakers’ ( Sam Neill as a vampire, can’t go wrong in my opinion. ) and feeling a bit marginalised. I’m not a teenage boy into heavy metal, watching young ladies in bikinis get chopped up, well not last time I checked.

I like a story; something that has you waking in a sweaty fear in the middle of the night, and has you feeling twitchy for a few days after seeing it. ‘Ah well’ I thought, ‘maybe something will come along’, it always does in horror. Every few years we seem to get a ‘Blair Witch’ or  ‘The Ring’ to keep me happy, and I hope, I hope this is good. The Babadook. ( A female director! Punches the air!!) I had read about it, thought ‘that’s sounds great… but don’t get too excited, hype has a lot to answer for’. Then I saw a small preview. Still excited. So if you have seen it and thought it great or rubbish, please don’t tell me yet. I have to have something to look forward to this Halloween, apart from my old dvd’s of tried and tested favourites, and hopefully The Babadook will be added to that collection.

BABADOOK-POSTER.jpg (4280×6052)

(released in U.K. 24th October 2014)


2 thoughts on “Have I seen this before?

  1. Hi Donna, I know exactly how you feel about the horror genre these days, I’ve looked up The Babadook on IMDB my favourite reference site and the rating is very good so fingers crossed for both of us.

    I laughed out loud when you mentioned Daybreakers as I rewatched it just last week.

    • It’s was just so overwhelming seeing almost the same cover for each film, but my fingers are crossed also for the Babadook.
      I haven’t re-watched Daybreakers yet, I’m saving it for Halloween weekend!

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