Donna goes to Hollywood


I saw a movie being made yesterday. Some people waved mobile phones to get a snap shot of the leading actors (whatever happened to a camera?), some people carried on drinking their coffee,  pretending to be blase. Heads turned as the camera swept past, with a Jeep driving up a steep incline behind it, actors acting in the front seats. Production assistants hid in shop doorways watching the ‘normal’ people, making sure they did not spoil the action by getting on with their normal lives… or get hit by the Jeep. It all just looked a bit mundane, business like people with walkie-talkies, all looking that little bit too relaxed to actually be relaxed because a lot of money is being spent!

People asked the production assistants what the film was called, excited and interested; they received curt replies  from the puffa jacketed,woolly hat wearing folk,

‘It stars Blah Blah. And its called Blah Blah Blah.’

…and they would walk away because they had very important doorways to wait in. I watched for a while and then moved myself on. I saw the actor (Toni Collette!!!) who I think is talented and even got a smile, but honestly she looked as bored as I felt.

And nobody shouted “Action!”

That’s a wrap.


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