Noise Pollution!


I get up ridiculously early to write,way before any one in my street has risen from their pits. Even before the milkman has loaded his float. That early!

The last couple of days though I’ve not been able to start work until after nine a.m., and I CANNOT WAIT TO BE ABLE TO GO BACK TO MY OLD WAYS!

Sorry for shouting, but it’s the only way I’ll be heard. I thought that with the school holidays being in full flow that it would be the little darlings in the street being noisy, they are; but it’s normal laughing, ball kicking, shouting noise, kids noise, normal. What I’m finding difficult to battle is everything else!
Today there are roadworks going on by my house which is going to last a long time, so there’s drilling,steamrollery wagon things, sexist shouting from workmen things going on from 8am. Then, I live by a police station and whenever there’s an emergency those cars fly out from there with siren’s in full screech mode. A neighbour’s dog, continually barks a few doors up (not the poor dog’s fault, just his ‘owners’), traffic horns, exhausted bus engines cranking their way to the next stop, a kid on a creaky trampoline singing ‘EYE OF THE TIGER’ on and on and then to top it all a bloody helicopter is buzzing over head!

I know I sound precious, but when did everything get so loud? Was it always this way? I don’t expect the world to tip toe, but even conversations are shouted now, whether between two people on a bus or bellowed down a phone and I found out a new word (to me anyway ! ) this week, ‘Sodcaster’. It’s not what you’re thinking! It’s someone -teens- who think it’s their right to play their music loudly from their mobile phone on public transport or where ever they may be. I love hearing Trance /Bass/ Dance, whatever in my ears as I’m going about my day.

I know, I am becoming ‘grumpy woman’and will just have to stuff my ears with cotton wool and get on with it. Roll on the return of the early morning…

...and breathe

…and breathe


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