Giant Spectacular!


There is a ‘joke’, (I use the word loosely) that the Queen thinks everywhere smells of paint. That’s because twenty feet ahead of her there’s a fella painting the railings, the walls the roads… OK, old joke, not funny.

Where I live it seems the railings are,literally in some cases, being painted and not for a visit from the Queen. I live next door to Newsham Park in Liverpool, and next month, 23-27 July, the Giants will be in attendance!




Giant Spectacular-Memories of August 1914

My area has been getting spruced up for the visit. Tue Brook  has been going down hill for a long time  mainly due to lack of investment, sometimes it feel like we get overlooked. Yet something like this perks its up! Roadways are being maintained,empty shops are being rented out, ( not just to fast food places or hairdressers!) and an empty library I’ve written about on here previously, has been recommended to become a community hub, whatever that is, but at least it’s going to be used rather than rotting away.

Things seem to be – very slowly – changing, despite my cynicism for the better.




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