Bloody Kids!


Wasting time on twitter, I saw a photograph of a place I had not thought about in years; Probe records on Button Street in Liverpool. I was instantly transported back to the early 80’s. I remember walking past it, music blaring from the open door and seeing punks and goths just hanging around outside. The punks staring everyone out (especially the girls, don’t mess with them!) and the Goths looking well…sad, putting today’s ‘Emo’s ‘ to shame. That street stunk of ciggies and cider, patchouli and Insette hairspray.


That lead me on a nostalgia trip. It was always a little bit rough around that area, but this was LIverpool in the 80’s, loads of places were.It was before the area became a ‘quarter’ and Mathew street was a couple of pubs with empty warehouses, rather than the Beatle tribute stomping ground it is now. I remembered The Armadillo Tea Rooms, Button Street Cafe and Harvey’s ( food theme going on here) and The Bead Shop which sold…beads, and clothes I couldn’t afford. There were a lot of empty buildings and idiots looking for trouble as well, scallies looking to give someone a kicking if they looked a bit different.

It wasn’t long before I became addicted to the eyeliner and hairspray combo, and would happily waste my Saturday afternoons scowling at passerby’s myself thinking I was ‘it’. It was a great time really, aggressive and exciting, which led me to wonder about today. Without trying to sound like a grumpy aunt, where do the young people hang out now? A lot of my city has been gentrified, although the empty buildings seem to have made a come back, so where do the misfits and outcasts, the creative and angry stand about being so ‘bored’ with everything nowadays? Do they even bother to see each other, in the flesh, face to face? Or is all teenage angst carried out over social media, where they seem to face more danger from predators and dodgy websites than I ever did from the idiots looking for a fight?

I hope they’re still out there, hanging onto a wall, sitting on some random steps somewhere, talking shit, giving each other bad haircuts and staying out of the sunlight ( affects the pallor!). I’m going to keep a lookout for them, and long may they continue to be a pain in the ass where ever they are.


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