Competition Fever !


We like to grow veg,fruit, herbs and flowers, my fella and me. We haven’t got a garden, just a pokey yard that only sees the sun for about half an hour a day, so it was a great delight to get an allotment. We waited for three years to get one. I love it. I’ve written about it on here before. It’s a refuge for me.

And now the people in charge, the ‘committee’, have announced a competition for the ‘neatest,prettiest (ugh!) and most interesting’ plot. The winner is to be announced on the open day we have at the end of June and now what was once a peaceful haven has become a hotbed of activity!

I loath competition, I always have. I don’t get along with competitive people, the people who think second place is for losers, repulse me.  It’s funny that people who you thought of as ‘normal’ or pleasant, become strangely aloof, watching you as go about your boring planting and putting up canes, criticizing what you do, staring and engaging in malicious gossip, all for what will probably be a tin of sweets and printed off certificate! 

So, we have chosen to absolve ourselves from this. The change in this little allotment has surprised us. We’ve decided to just do what we do, enjoy ourselves and laugh at the competition paranoia that has spread like a common cold. Its just veg FFS!Image

(don’t think we’ll win for the neatest…)




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