The Sea…the sea


I have always, when my head is crammed full of the usual worries and stresses, headed for the sea. I’m very lucky in that if I want to see the ocean I can just take a bus or get in the car and its about fifteen minutes away from my house. Sometimes I can even hear seagulls cackling in the early morning.I find just seeing the waves and feeling that freezing wind on my face instantly relaxes me. I can arrange my thoughts and face whatever problems I have just by taking a walk along the beaches at Crosby, the promenade at New Brighton or the beautiful Pier Head. I consider myself very lucky. My mam would say “Don’t stare at the sea, or it will pull you in! The sea can hypnotize you.” So I don’t. I walk along its edge and look outward. I look to where the ships might be sailing and where the sun is glistening on the waves.

My writing seems to be concentrated on the sea at the moment. Its pull and influence on my characters affects their lives in horrific ways, but without it, as a small community they would be scattered and weakened,unable to face what is coming for them.

It’s my mams birthday this week, the first one that we won’t be together, so I’ll take a walk along the sea’s edge, look out toward Ireland and America and whisper ‘Happy Birthday’ to her.Image