Abandoned Libraries


Sadly, in the area where I live, two libraries have closed down, but, and in these times of cutbacks I am very grateful, they were replaced with a new library. It’s smaller than the others were, has a lot of PC’s etc and seems to be part of a new school that was built in the area (covering the old schools sports fields… sorry kids,just don’t think about having any exercise or fun!!)

What pi**es me off is that the old libraries are left standing to rot. One is a 60’s creation.  Not very pretty,very square but it was modern in its day and was a meeting place for the community. It was still being used a lot, especially by the local children, and now it stands, boarded up and pitiful.

The other is, I think, a listed building and as you can see from the photos I’ve posted, looks like Miss Haversham should be living there. It was ( still is ) a beautiful  Victorian library, A Carnegie library. There were many built with donated money to help educate those who were not so well off. In my local paper last week the Council are having to pay thousands to stop it rotting further. It should never have closed in the first place!!


You would have to fight your way in!




4 thoughts on “Abandoned Libraries

  1. That is an amazing building – but I share your annoyance at these old libraries just being allowed to crumble away. Surely there must be a use for them. Closing a library is like denying access to knowledge.

  2. So sad to read this. Libraries are vital to the community. Here in Toronto librarians are fighting to keep libraries as a community centre but there’s always the shadow of budget cuts.

    • It’s awful with the dreaded cuts here. Social housing has been built where the newer library was,but the Victorian Carnegie library is still just rotting away. It’s heartbreaking to see. Thanks for reading😀😀😀

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