Last week I was bumbling about in a charity shop, listening to two women chatting (A bad habit but what can you do?). One said to the other, about her son who was standing by her side looking bored,

“I had to buy him a cloak. He needed it, but when I got to the till to pay for it, I nearly died!”

“Why?” said the second woman.

“It was £9.99! Nearly a tenner for what was just like a bit of crappy plastic!”

I had to walk away. More fool you for paying it. Did he really need a cloak? Is he a magician? Is he a Victorian dandy? I don’t think so.

As I paid for the tins of sweets today,(Yes,Yes more fool me for paying for them) sweets that I will give out to the ‘Trick or Treater’s’ tomorrow, I mourned the loss of the Halloween or ‘Duckapple night’ of my childhood. There was no pressure for parents to have a costume ready for us (not that my mam would have paid for one. I would have been the kid wearing the bin bag!) just ghost stories and chipped teeth from trying to bite a bobbing apple in a washing up bowl filled with cold water without getting your fringe wet.

I’m not a Hallowmisery, I write Ghost and Horror stories !This is my favourite time of the year! Maybe I am nostalgic for the fear and anticipation Halloween brought me as a child. The only excitement children seem to experience now concerns the amount of sweets they receive.

Bring back ‘Duckapple Night’ and the true sense of Halloween!





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